The Story Behind DeliverySafe: Shawn Reed

The Story Behind DeliverySafe: Shawn Reed

DeliverySafe offers flexible, secure home package drop off with a lockable, insulated delivery box.

The lockable, insulated delivery box was created by four friends who all noticed they were having the same issue- their lives had started to revolve around package delivery (and package delivery mishaps). They created DeliverySafe so they could be more present, continuing to do what they love with the people they love.

We sat down with co-founder Shawn Reed to learn a bit more about him and the DeliverySafe!

What inspired DeliverySafe?

“The existing market offering was simply lacking a solution that filled what the consumer needed for the types of products they have delivered to their homes each and every week- a product that was big enough, secure enough and most importantly suitable for food delivery. Thus, the insulated DeliverySafe concept was born.”

Have you ever had a package stolen or something ruined?

“Like many people out there, the answer is an unfortunate and definite yes. Online ordering and home delivery simplify today’s busy schedules. However, when a delivered item becomes soaked, blows away or even worse, stolen, the next steps are full of complexity. An abrupt, heavy rain or snowstorm is quite common here and has made opening packages a lot less enjoyable to say the very least.”

As you sat down to try and create the DeliverySafe, what features were most important?

“Weatherproof, secure, and easy to use.”

How did you go about designing the aesthetics of the box?

“This was very important to us from day one. In order for us to build a new product that is most likely going to be installed in front of someone’s largest purchase (their home) we needed to ensure the shape, the size, contour, and colors would be considered elegant and timeless to our customers. So far, the feedback is positive and that we delivered!”

Who do you think will enjoy DeliverySafe the most?

“Time-challenged families, period. The DeliverySafe brings peace of mind to the last step of every online purchase and home delivery. Once the order confirmation email is sent, there is no need to begin making additional arrangements to ensure the product ordered will make it your home safe and sound.”

What’s your favorite DeliverySafe feature?

“Honestly, the size! It’s big enough to accommodate all that my family orders, but not so large that it overwhelms the area where it is placed.”

Favorite online purchase or delivery purchase in the last year?

“Oh my, this a tough one…. But I can narrow it down to something delivered last week. My youngest son loves baseball. He ordered a custom Pro-Style infielders’ glove with his name embroidered on the side. Once we received the tracking info, he looked out the window every hour in anticipation of seeing the delivery driver walking up our driveway with his first big purchase. It was truly special to watch.”

DeliverySafe helps you reclaim your front porch.

We made DeliverySafe because we believe everyone should be able to rest knowing what they order is safe, fresh, and where it is supposed to be. Our lockable, insulated delivery box keeps your deliveries, groceries, and packages safe so you can do your thing. Check the details here!

(Pro Tip: If you are not completely satisfied with your order, you may return the items within 30 days from the date of invoice for a full refund!)

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DeliverySafe offers flexible, secure home package drop off with our lockable, insulated delivery box. #MoreAtYourDoor 🏡.

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DeliverySafe offers flexible, secure home package drop off with our lockable, insulated delivery box. #MoreAtYourDoor 🏡.

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